Privacy Policy

Collection, Use and Sharing of Information

We are the only authorized owners of any piece of information available on our website. According to this website privacy policy, our only source of information is the one you provide to us through emails and other avenues.
Pinon Hills Chamber of Commerce, therefore, do not have any plan to sell or rent it to any individual or group of users. Rest assured that the information you provide will be useful in making responses to the issues that you may raise.
No third party will have access to the information whatsoever. Any possible changes and amendments to this policy will be available to you via your emails.

Access to and control of the information

Please note that you can see the data available regarding you in this website. As such, it will be possible for you to amend the information, so that it reflects your true self.
It is also possible for you to order us remove by way of deleting, any information that we possess regarding you.
Pinon Hills Chamber of Commerce are committed to ensure that we respond to any concern that you may have, involving our use of your data.


Once receive any information from you, it is our commitment to ensure that we protect it both offline and also online. You are assured that the information is in safe hands, and no chances are there for its leakage whatsoever.
Encryption is part of our security measures, and we make sure that the piece of information reaches us in a secure way. If the information is identifiable from a personal point of view, we are committed to ensure that only accountable and responsible people access it.
For this reason, it is easy for us to ensure the entire security of the information that we receive from you. Never fear to disseminate more of it.

Pinon Hills Chamber of Commerce